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Photoelectric vs ionization

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Photoelectric A photoelectric smoke alarm’s sensing chamber contains a light emitting diode and a light sensitive receiver. When smoke, or other by-products of combustion, fills this chamber the light beam is scattered and sets off the alarm. Photoelectric smoke alarms are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms. Ionization and photoelectric alarms operate on different principles, and they may respond differently to various fire conditions. However, it is important to understand that regardless of the type of technology used – both alarms are tested to the same standard and must meet the same level of performance to achieve ULC listing.

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Post update 3/18/13: Here's a presentation given by Skip Walker on ionization vs photoelectric smoke alarms. Post update 11/16/14: Here's a local news story on photoelectric vs. ionization smoke alarms, done by CBS: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections - Email - Minnesota Home Inspector Quick link: Determine type of smoke alarm Every ionization alarm will have reference to the trace material americium-241 labeled on the back or the label will give reference to the fact that the alarm is photoelectric or both if it is a dual alarm. Ionisation means removing electron from an atom (anyhow you do it ie.

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Photoelectric vs ionization

Main outcome measures were: percentage of study alarms that were working, observed reasons for non-functional status, and self-reported frequency of nuisance alarms at 9 and 15 months of follow-up. Ionization vs. Photoelectric As a general rule, the leading type of smoke detector installed in apartment complexes and most new homes is an Ionization smoke detector. The difference between Ionization and Photoelectric detectors is the sensor technology. View Full Source 2019-03-11 · Photoelectric Smoke Detectors vs Ionization Detectors The two most common types of smoke detection equipment are photoelectric smoke detectors and ionization smoke detectors. Each work differently to detect different types of fires at different stages of development. Photoelectric A photoelectric smoke alarm’s sensing chamber contains a light emitting diode and a light sensitive receiver.

Ionization models are quicker to spot flaming fires.
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Smoke Alarms - . a brief history photoelectric vs. ionization review of our message. smoke alarms.

There are two smoke detection technologies that are recognized as effective within the fire safety community, and ionization is one of them. Ionization smoke detectors generally work better when a fire is flaming, rather than just smoldering. The ionization alarms will react to shower steam, so they shouldn't be used near bathrooms. Photoelectric should be used in areas that have steam, and ionization should be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, near air vents, etc.
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The other reason is that ionization smoke alarms will outperform photoelectric alarms in the event of a fast 2013-09-07 · A photoelectric alarm often identifies itself as "photoelectric" or perhaps with a capital "P" somewhere on the device. If prone to frequent nuisance tripping, it's almost certainly an ionization photoelectric smoke alarm. Here's how it works: Light.beam Light rays activates sensor Smoke particles Inside the smoke alarm, there is an LED light that sends a beam of light (similar to a laser pointer) in a straight line across the chamber. In a separate compartment inside the chamber, there is a photosensor that detects light.

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Photoelectric A photoelectric smoke alarm’s sensing chamber contains a light emitting diode and a light sensitive receiver.